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You missed out on our 2021 Webinar Series? No need to worry! They are now available on our YouTube channel.


The complete program for each webinar may be found on the corresponding page as indicated below.

October 19th    -> New Advances in Sampling Methods,

                                  Chairmen: Lance Liotta (USA) & Claudia Bevilacqua (France)

November 9th  -> Circulating Biomarkers & Extracellular Vesicles,

                                   Chairmen: Michael Pfaffl (Germany) & Patrice Martin (France)

November 23rd -> Single-Cell Analytics,

                                   Chairman: Pamela Pinzani (Italy) & Mikael Kubista (Czech Republic)

November 30th -> New Approaches for Microgenomics Analyses,

                                   Chairmen: Daan Noordermeer (France) & Alexandra Whale (UK)