An introduction to Microgenomics will be made before the beginning of the Technical Workshops.

Time will be provided to our Gold Sponsors to present their latest cutting-edge technologies.

2 half-day sessions run in parallel as Technical Presentations organized by academic scientists.

The morning sessions will run from 9am to 1pm and the afternoon sessions from 1pm to 6pm.

Registration to the workshop includes the whole day (participation to both morning and afternoon workshop, lunch and coffee breaks). A small apperitif will be organized from 6-7pm for all participants.


The complete programs for the Technical Workshops are almost complete!

4 half-day technical workshops (2 parallel in the morning and 2 parallel in the afternoon) organized by academic scientists.

Morning sessions 9am - 1 pm:

1) Methods and strategies for molecular biomarker analysis: (coordination: M Kubista)

2) Spatial Transcriptomics & Single Cell: (coordination: C Bevilacqua & P Pinzani)

Afternoon sessions 2pm - 6pm:

3) Extracellular Vesicles(coordination: M Pfaffl)

4) Digital PCR & Microgenomics: (coordination: A Whale)

The sponsor stands will be located near the buffet lunch

A cocktail will be held in the evening with the sponsors.

**Time will be provided for sponsors supporting the workshop to give a presentation