To register, you must contact the tour agency directly  To visit the web site of the tour operator: .

Be sure to check off the visit you would like to join when completing the registration form. However, you will directly pay the Tour Guide at the beginning of the visit. A minimum of 10 persons is necessary for each visit to be confirmed.

Classic Walking Tour of Florence

Our expert tour guide will meet you at a prearranged location downtown Florence and you will start a walk through 2000 years of history and Florence’s iconic masterpieces. Special attention will be given to the Middle Ages and, of course, the Renaissance period. You will see, from the outside, monuments such as the Cathedral with its dome, Repubblica square, Signoria square, Uffizi square and Ponte Vecchio. Minimum participants 10 p, about 2hr tour.

Cost per person: €27.00 per tour guide services plus €2.00 per compulsory sanitized headsets.

Stree Art Tour

Come with us and discover the New Renaissance movement in Florence. If you know where to look at, you will notice a world of Street Art invading our streets, squares and walls. We will stroll through the lively Oltrarno neighborhood and see some of these artists’ workshops. We will also taste some true Florentine street food, learn about the wine windows, and much more. Minimum participants 10p, about 2hr tour

Cost per person: €27.00 per tour guide services, €20.00 per aperitif, plus €2.00 per compulsory sanitized headsets.

Discover Florence from a new point of view

We will board one of the historical Renaioli boats and, together with your licensed tour guide, you will discover the history and curiosities of the places that we will see, starting with Palazzo Castellani, the Uffizi Gallery, the Old Bridge, San Jacopo Soprarno church, Santa Trinita bridge and Corsini Palace just to name the most famous ones. While enjoying the view you will also enjoy a glass of chilled prosecco and some dry snacks. Minimum participants 10 p, about 1hr tour

Costs per person: €49.00 per boat and tour guide services, €2.00 per compulsory headsets, €20.00 per prosecco and snack on board


**Photos courtesy of Exclusive Connection