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We are working hard to put together another exciting program! The complete 2023 scientific program will be available soon!

Four topics will be discussed during the symposium highlighted by keynote lecturers, experts in their field.


Lance Liotta, Microgenomics 2016
  • Methodological Approaches & Instruments
  • Solid-tissue Analysis & Spatial Omics
  • Circulating Biomarkers, EV & Single Cells
  • Integrative analysis from Omics to Bioinformatics



Previsonnal Scientific Program


Session 1: New Methodological Approaches and Instruments in Microgenomics Analysis

Chairman: Claudia Bevilacqua & Alexandra Whale

Keynote Lecturer - Mikael Kubista (Czech Republic) - Two-tailed PCR for Precision Diagnostics

Invited Lecturer - Davide Cittaro (Italy) - Chromatin Velocity reveals epigenetic dynamics by single-cell profiling of heterochromatin and euchromatin

Invited Lecturer - Keith Brown (USA), title to be announced

Invited Lecturer - Alexandra Whale (UK) - Integration of lentiviruses

GOLD sponsor presentation - BIO-RAD - with major focus on dPCR

Invited lecturer: to be announced

Session 2: Solid Tissues and Spatial Omics

Chairman: Pamela Pinzani & Mikael Kubista

Keynote Lecturer: Pascal Barbry (France) - Title to be announced

Invited Lecturer: to be announced

Invited Lecturer: Letizia De Chiara (Italy) - Single Cell RNA sequencing to identify rare populations in complex organs

Invited Lecturer : to be announced

Session 3: Circulating Biomarkers & Extracellular Vesicles & Single-Cells

Chairman: Michael Pfaffl & Patrice Martin

Keynote Lecturer: Pieter Mestdagh (Belgium): Cell free RNA biomarkers in cancer

Invited Lecturer: Simon Carding (UK) - Bacterial extracellular vesicle; Spheres of influence within and beyond the gut

Invited Lecturer: Michael Pfaffl (Germany): A development and analysis pipeline for microRNA biomarker signatures in molecular diagnostics based on circulating EV

Invited Lecturer: Christian Preusser (Germany) - Using single-cell sequencing and Cre-Lox reporters for tracking tumor EV

GOLD sponsor presentation: QIAGEN - with major focus on EV isolation, RNA extraction and RT-qPCR/RT-dPCR


Session 4: New Approaches and Instruments for Microgenomics Analysis

Chairman: Alexandra Whale & Daan Noordemeer

Keynote Lecturer: Magda Bienko (Sweden, Italy) - Probing DNA compaction at selected DNA loci by FRET-FISH

Invited Lecturer: Benedikt Kirchner (Germany) - Hidden layers of complexity - How small RNA distribution and sample handling affect sequencing results

Invited Lecturer: Daan Noordemeer (France), Allele-specific multi-omics investigation of imprinted gene domains using phased long-reads

Invited Lecturer: Stephen Clark (UK): Multi-omics single cell sequencing assays, allowing complex analyses in single cells and tissues (3 simultaneous readouts: gene activity, DNA methylation and presence of regulatory regions (open DNA)


Several oral presentations will be available after jury selection of submitted abstracts!

Arrive a day early to the symposium and participate in the Technical Workshop. More information coming soon.